The Best Practices for Improving Vehicle Visibility

The Best Practices for Improving Vehicle Visibility

Although you would think that first responder vehicles would be hard to miss on the road, it’s the opposite. Police, fire, and EMS vehicles are hit more often than you think by motorists. Because these vehicles are needed to get to crises, they must be able to travel through traffic quickly.

If you need to improve the visibility of your emergency vehicle, follow these tips: 

Add Fluorescent Colors 

When you use fluorescent colors, your vehicle will be able to stand out more on the road. They will also be able to catch other’s attention while driving, especially at night. Try and incorporate colors like yellow, green, and orange for the best results.

Incorporate Reflective Materials

Because emergency vehicles operate at all hours of the day, using reflective materials is another way that will help your vehicle stand out even more. Adding simple stripes, shapes, and other markings will reflect light when hit by oncoming car lights. Reflective tape helps make your vehicle more eye-catching on the road and will encourage drivers to pull out to the side of the road sooner.

Outline Your Vehicle with Reflective Tape

If you plan to use reflective material, you should always outline your vehicle. By outlining your cars and trucks with these markings, motorists will understand what they see, especially in low visibility. This is especially important to include if you have added reflective shapes to your vehicle. If you have reflective shapes without the outline, it can confuse/distract other drivers on the road.

Add Reflective Material in Your Logos

Including reflective material in your logo will improve your emergency vehicle’s visibility and recognition on the road. Drivers will be more likely to react quickly when they see your vehicle on the road and get out of your way much sooner. Retroreflective markings have been proven to reduce rear-end collisions on the road!

Pro Graphic Install understands the importance of our front-line workers and first responders’ safety and the vehicles they drive. We have experience working with local municipalities and their specific needs using reflective materials on vehicles for the Police, Fire, and Ambulatory divisions.

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