Custom Food Truck Wraps

The proliferation of food trucks has changed the culinary scene in cities across the United States. What started out as just niche market has turned into a competitive sphere in the food industry.

One way to help separate your food truck from others is to have a creative design adorning your truck. Pro Graphic is renowned for being the number one food truck designer in all of Colorado. For over a decade we have provided our clients with designs that grab attention and are fun and interactive.

We work closely with food trucks to create a design that complements the style and personality of their business. Our aesthetically pleasing and sharp designs will help your truck stand out in a good way, and garner interest from hungry people passing by.

We Have Over 10 Years of Food Truck Design Experience

We have perfected the art of working on food trucks; during the installation process, our certified installers prep and clean the area. Notably, instead of cutting or stretching the material of your design, we instead use the tucking technique. Advantageously, the tucking technique allows the material to properly adhere to the truck, reducing the stress on it in the process.

Ultimately, we want to add a design to your truck that is built to last and will withstand all that nature throws at it. As such, getting the custom installation process down pat is paramount, and we work meticulously to ensure everything is done correctly for our clients.

Let us help you advertise and showcase what you do best—making delicious, mobile food for your customers. To learn more about our food truck graphic design services, contact us.